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Chemical Adsorption Liquid Filter Bag

HL Filter chemical adsorption filter bags are made with special chemical adsorption materials, have a strong adsorption and particle holding capacity for aromatic compounds. In addition, our chemical absorption bags can be used in desorbing and recovering aromatic compounds. Chemisorption Bags can be cleaned and reused.
All seams are fully welded, producing strong, reliable joints with no by-pass or loose sewing thread. Seams are both strong and flexible, allowing the filter bag to form to the restrainer basket. The seam edges are heat sealed, eliminating possible loose fibers. This results in a filter bag with durable performance for the most demanding applications.
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Material: polypropylene microfibers

Micron Ratings: 1-100μ

 Provide aromatic hydrocarbons adsorption capacity up to 600g

Additional filter layer to meet the effectiveness requirements

Large surface area

Rating Efficiency: 97%


Materials: polypropylene microfibers

Micron Ratings:  1-100micron

 Standard bags fit #1 and #2 sized filter vessels 

Construction: w/w/w (fully welded, no by-pass) 

Collar:  PP plastic, stainless steel


Electroplating Paints

Liquid Fertilizers


Pickling Liquids

Cutting Oil Removal

Waste Water Treatment

Custom OEM Applications

Ordering Information

How to order a felt filter bag

1) Material2) Micron Rating3) Finish4) Size5) Ring6) Ring/side/bottom Construction
Polypropylene microfibers1-100μPL-Plain #1S- Carbon Steel WWW- Fully Welded 

HS-Heat Set#2SS-Stainless Steel

P-Polypro PP Flange

E-Polyester PE Flange

PP-Polypro Ring

PE-Polyester Ring

MS-Modified/Special7) Options

HS-Handle Strap (additional handle, same media)

A-Automotive (bottom and side seams inside bag)

MC- Mesh Cover

SB-Spunbond cover

SR-Special request

Other micron ratings, other sizes, and special design are available on request

Standard Bag Size#1#2
Surface Area 2.6 (0.24)5.2 (0.48)
ft2 (m2)
Volume2.1 (7.9)4.5 (17.0)
U.S gal (liter)
Max. Flow Rate90 (20)180 (40)
GPM (m3/h) 
Bag Diameter7.0 (180)7.0 (180)
inch (mm)
Bag Length17.0/43032.0/810
Inch (mm)
Other Bag SizeAvailable upon request

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