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Activated Carbon Filter Bag

HL Activated Carbon Filter Bag are special effective removal of peculiar smell, organic solvent, bacteria from water treatment process. It is good on removal of heavy metals. It is also can be benzene chemicals Hydocarbon compounds and VOC substances.
All activated carbon materials are natural material loose integration, practical, no adhesive and will not cause any change.
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- Bottled water and beverage processing

- Liquor processing and pharmaceutical liquid decoloring.

- Removal heavy metal, dyes, chloroform esters, alcohol compunds, petrol conpounds precious metals.

- Liquid purification in paint, auto, electronics, semiconductors, synthetic fiber, chemical Petrol-chemical, rubber and pharmaceutical industries. 

- Gas purfication and removal. 

Large capacity of activated carbon capacity: 

- Size 01 filter bag can hold 5.5 lb (2.5kg) activated carbon

- Size 02 filter bag can hold 11 lb (5kg) activated carbon

Micron Rating: from 0.5 to 50

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