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Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags

HL FILTER’s Mesh Filter Bags are manufactured in a wide range of micron ratings using a single filament weave. Single filament woven media provides two distinct advantages over multifilament media, providing excellent fabric strength and perfectly uniform openings. For applications where clients require no fiber migration at a high level of efficiency, monofilament material is a perfect fit. Our mesh filter bags are constructed using Nylon or Polyester monofilament mes
h and can be washed and reused.
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Monofilament mesh material:  Polyester (PEMO), nylon (NMO)

Micron ratings: 30-1500 µm (PEMO), 35-1900 µm (NMO), or others on request

Ring/side/bottom construction: w/s/s or s/s/s   (w-ultrasonic welding, s-stitched seam)

Ring type:  PP/PE plastic flange, zinc plated galvanized steel, stainless steel, tie-on

All industry standard sizes available

Temperature ratings up to 350°F

Nylon monofilament is FDA and EU compliant

Cost effective bags for the removal of non-deformable contaminants

Non-fiber releasing material for high purity applications

Free of contamination like silicone, oil and grease

Special wrapping and nonwoven lining technology 

Broad chemical compatibility

Very high tensile strength


Polyester Monofilament (PEMO)
Mesh CountThread DiameterMesh Opening Open AreaThicknessWeight
/cm/inMicron Micron%Microng/㎡ (oz/yd²)
PEMO55T13450155060850259 (7.63)
PEMO66T15400127058760246 (7.25)
PEMO77T18350108057660220 (6.48)
PEMO88T2035090052660251 (7.4)
PEMO99T2335076047670282 (8.31)
PEMO1010S2525075056450160 (4.71)
10T2530070049570231 (6.81)
PEMO1212S301506806726069 (2.03)
12S3025058048460192 (5.66)
12T3030053040580277 (8.16)
PEMO1414S3620051552360143 (4.21)
PEMO1515S3820047050380154 (4.54)
15T3825042040470240 (7.07)
PEMO1616T4120042546380164 (4.83)
PEMO1818S4615040553260104 (3.06)
18T4618037546330150 (4.42)
PEMO1919T4815037551260110 (3.24)
PEMO2020S50804207114033 (0.97)
20S501104006418051 (1.5)
20T5015035049260115 (3.39)
PEMO2121T5315032547270121 (3.56)
PEMO2424S611203406722088 (2.59)
24T6115027042280138 (4.07)
PEMO2727T6812025046230100 (2.94)
PEMO2828S71802806215046 (1.35)
28T7112024045230103 (3.03)
PEMO2929T7412022543230107 (3.15)
PEMO3030T7612021542230111 (3.27)
PEMO3232S80802305415052 (1.53)
32T801002104518082 (2.41)
PEMO3434S86802155315056 (1.65)
34T861001954418087 (2.56)
PEMO3636T911001804218092 (2.71)
PEMO3939S9955200619530 (0.88)
39T99641905511540 (1.17)
PEMO4040T10210015036190103 (3.03)
PEMO4343T110801504215571 (2.09)
PEMO4747S12055160579636 (1.06)
47T120641505012048 (1.41)
47HD120711404313059 (1.74)
PEMO4949S125641404712050 (1.47)
49T125711354413062 (1.82)
PEMO5353S13555135519740 (1.17)
53T135641254412254 (1.59)
PEMO5959S15055115469945 (1.32)
59T150641053812361 (1.79)
PEMO6464S160551004110048 (1.41)
64T16064903312566 (1.94)
PEMO7272S1804595477837 (1.09)
72T18055853810255 (1.62)
PEMO7777T19555753310558 (1.71)
PEMO8080T2004580418041 (1.2)
PEMO9090M2303970406834 (1.0)
90T2304565348246 (1.35)
PEMO100100T2503960366938 (1.12)
PEMO110110T2803556386234 (1.0)
110HD2803952337042 (1.23)
PEMO120120T3053548336337 (1.09)
120HD3053944287246 (1.35)
PEMO130130T3303542305840 (1.17)
PEMO140140T3553536256243 (1.26)
PEMO150150T3803532236446 (1.35)
PEMO165165T4203130255438 (1.12)

Nylon Monofilament (NMO)
Mesh CountThread DiameterMesh Opening Open AreaThicknessWeight
/cm/inMicron Micron%Microng/m2(oz/yd²)
NMO4410550195061950262 (7.72)
NMO5513500150056850271 (7.99)
NMO6616400126758780208 (6.13)
NMO7718350107957675186 (5.48)
NMO882035090052685212 (6.25)
NMO992425086060455145 (4.27)
NMO10102530070049576195 (5.75)
NMO12123025058349470162 (4.77)
123030053341585234 (6.9)
NMO14143530041434595273 (8.05)
NMO1616S4020042546370139 (4.09)
16T4025037536485217 (6.4)
NMO2020S501503504937598 (2.89)
20T5020030036385173 (5.1)
NMO24246015026741285117 (3.45)
NMO2828701202374421587 (2.56)
NMO3030761202134122594 (2.77)
NMO3232801002134616569 (2.03)
NMO3636901001784117878 (2.3)
NMO40401001001503619087 (2.56)
NMO4343110801524313560 (1.76)
NMO4848120801303814562 (1.82)
NMO565614060120448544 (1.29)
NMO595915060110429846 (1.35)
NMO6464160601003710550 (1.47)
NMO72721805090418239 (1.15)
NMO80802005075369043 (1.26)
NMO1001002504060366535 (1.03)
NMO1201203054043257042 (1.23)
NMO1301303304037237545 (1.32)


STHD (thickness of Mesh: SmallStandardHeavy)
Length and width: customized on request

Further technical data, waterproof treatment, and other micron ratings are available on request

OEM-ODM: our experts can design and assist you to identify the right mesh media for your needs


Automotive industry 

Water filtration and purification 

Pharmaceutical industry 

Food and beverage industry 

Chemical industry 

Petroleum Oils 

Paints and Coatings

Resins, Adhesives, and Inks

Custom OEM Applications

Ordering Information

How to order a mesh filter bag

1) Material2) Micron Rating3) Finish4)Size5)Ring6) Ring/side/bottom Construction
NMO-Nylon Monofilament MeshNMO: 35-1900 P-Plain (standard)#1 S- Carbon Steel SSS- Fully Sewn 
PEMO-Polyester Monofilament MeshPEMO:30-1500 
#2 SS-Stainless SteelWSS- Ring Welded, Side Sewn, Bottom Sewn

#3Z- Zinc. Galvanized Steel 

#4P-Polypro PP Flange

E-Polyester PE Flange

DS-Draw String (tie-on)

PP-Polypro Ring7) Options

PE-Polyester RingHS-Handle Strap (additional handle, same media)

N-No Ring A-Automotive (bottom and side seams inside bag)

MS-Modified/SpecialSR-Special Request

Other micron ratings, other sizes, and special design are available on request

Standard Bag Size#1#2#3#4
Surface Area 2.6 (0.24)5.2 (0.48)0.9 (0.08)1.7 (0.16)
ft2 (m2)
Volume2.1 (7.9)4.5 (17.0)
0.7 (2.7)
U.S gal (liter)0.37 (1.4)
Max. Flow Rate90 (20)180 (40)26 (6)53 (12)
GPM (m3/h) 
Bag Diameter7.0 (180)7.0 (180)4.0 (105)4.0 (105)
inch (mm)
Bag Length17.0/43032.0/8109.0/23015.0/380
Inch (mm)
Other Bag SizeAvailable upon request

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