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Fully Welded Felt Filter Bags

HL Filter offers a wide range of fully welded liquid filter bags designed and constructed to fit an assortment of filter vessels, whether from HL Filter or from another supplier. We manufacture our own felt media for our felt filter bags under 9001:2008 quality systems, resulting in order to order, year to year, reliability and repeatability. Each filter bag is also individually sealed in protective plastic packaging to prevent contamination. Our filter bags are silicone free with sturdy construction and easy installation.
Our fully welded felt filter bags feature with all seams and the collar are sonically welded (w/w/w construction), enhancing filtration quality, eliminating leaks and bypass that may have occurred with sewn seams. Welds are continuous, strong, consistent, and eliminate stray strands along the welds. Higher efficiency is due to tighter seal tolerances. The fused edges provide a fiber-free finish and virtually eliminate unwanted fiber migration.
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Materials: Polypropylene, Polyester, Aramid, PTFE 

Available micron rating range from 0.5-200 µ (for PE, PP), 5-150µ (Aramid), 10-50µ (PTFE)

Continuous operating temperature: PE: 265°F (130°C), PP: 194°F (90°C), Aramid: 400°F (204°C), PTFE:450°F (232°C) 

Surface treatments available:  signed and/or glazed to reduce the possibility of migration

Resistance to chemicals depends on the materials (please refer to Fiber Characteristics_Liquid Filtration)

Ring/side/bottom seal construction: w/w/w (fully welded)

Optional covers to eliminate fiber release and migration

Stable and flexible fully welded seams with no threads completely eliminate the possibility of unfiltered liquid bypass through needle holes

Higher efficiency due to tighter seal tolerances

Puncture free overlap side seams provide added strength and improves effluent consistency

Lower total costs due to higher particle loading capabilities

Reduced labor costs and disposal costs from fewer change-outs

Reduced product loss due to lower hold up volumes

All industry-standard #1,2,3,4 & custom sizes available 

OEM replacement ring styles


Standard Needle Punched Felt Samples
Standard Needle Felt, Polypropylene (PP)
Part NumberMicron Rating
oz/yd²±5% (g/m2±5%)
   In±0.004 (mm±0.1)

Air Permeability
 CFM @ ½" W.G 125PA ±25%
(L/dm2min @ 200PA ±25%)
Tensile Strength
 lb/in±25 (N/5CM±25%)
Max. Operating Temperature Continuous/Surge oF (oC)
Warp MDWeft CD
PP-01114.01 (475)0.106 (2.7)32(156)69 (600)91 (800)194/230 (90/110)
PP-05513.17 (450)0.095(2.4)55(270)57 (500)69 (600)194/230 (90/110)
PP-101010.91 (370)0.091(2.3)80(390)57 (500)69 (600)194/230 (90/110)
PP-252510.62 (360)0.091(2.3)123(600)57 (500)69 (600)194/230 (90/110)
PP-505010.32 (350)0.091(2.3)160(780)57 (500)69 (600)194/230 (90/110)
PP-757510.32 (350)0.091(2.3)172(840)57 (500)69 (600)194/230 (90/110)
PP-1001009.73 (3300.091(2.3)252(1230)46 (400)57 (500)194/230 (90/110)
PP-1501509.73 (3300.091(2.3)283(1380)46 (400)57 (500)194/230 (90/110)
PP-2002009.44 (320)0.091(2.3)320(1560)69 (600)103 (900)194/230 (90/110)
Standard Needle Felt, Polyester (PE)
Part NumberMicron RatingWeight
oz/yd²±5% (g/m2±5%)
  Thickness Inch±20%  (mm±20%)Air Permeability
 CFM @ ½" W.G 125PA ±25%
(L/dm2min @ 200PA ±25%)
Tensile Strength
 lb/in±25 (N/5CM±25%)

Max. Operating Temperature Continuous/Surge oF (oC)

Warp MDWeft CD
PE-01114.01 (475)0.075 (1.9)32(156)114 (1000)148 (1300)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-05510.62 (360)0.091 (2.3)61(300)57 (500)114 (1000)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-101010.62 (360)0.087 (2.2)82(400)57 (500)103 (900)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-252510.62 (360)0.095 (2.4)123(600)57 (500)103 (900)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-505010.62 (360)0.102 (2.6)164(800)57 (500)103 (900)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-757510.62 (360)0.098 (2.5)184(900)46 (400)91 (800)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-10010010.62 (360)0.114 (2.9)205(1000)46 (400)91 (800)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-15015010.62 (360)0.122 (3.1)266(1300)46 (400)80 (700)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-20020010.62 (360)0.126 (3.2)307(1500)46 (400)74 (650)265/302 (130/150) 
Further technical data, modified surface treatments, and other micron ratings are available on request

Self-supported felts are standard. Scrim-supported felts are available on request

Technical data of Aramid Needle Felts and PTFE needle Felts are available on request






Lubricating Oil

Paints and Coatings

Resins, Adhesives, and Inks

Toiletries and Cosmetics


Food and Beverages


Water treatment 

Custom OEM Applications

Ordering Information

How to order a felt filter bag

1) Material2) Micron Rating3) Finish4) Size5) Ring6) Ring/side/bottom Construction
PE-Felt, PolyesterPE:0.5-200PL-Plain #1S- Carbon Steel WWW- Fully Welded 
PP-Felt, PolypropylenePP:0.5-200SO-Singed One Side#2SS-Stainless Steel
NX-Felt, AramidNX: 5-150SB-Singed Both Side#3Z- Zinc Galvanized Steel 
PTFE- Felt, PTFE PTFE:10-50GL-Glazed#4P-Polypro PP Flange

SG-Singed & Glazed
E-Polyester PE Flange

HS-Heat Set
VS-High-temp Plastic Snap-seal

PP-Polypro Ring7) Options

PE-Polyester RingHS-Handle Strap (additional handle, same media)

T-TitaniumA-Automotive (bottom and side seams inside bag)

N-No RingMC- Mesh Cover

MS-Modified/SpecialSB-Spunbond cover

SR-Special request

Other micron ratings, other sizes, and special design are available on request

Standard Bag Size#1#2#3#4
Surface Area 2.6 (0.24)5.2 (0.48)0.9 (0.08)1.7 (0.16)
ft2 (m2)
Volume2.1 (7.9)4.5 (17.0)
0.7 (2.7)
U.S gal (liter)0.37 (1.4)
Max. Flow Rate90 (20)180 (40)26 (6)53 (12)
GPM (m3/h) 
Bag Diameter7.0 (180)7.0 (180)4.0 (105)4.0 (105)
inch (mm)
Bag Length17.0/43032.0/8109.0/23015.0/380
Inch (mm)
Other Bag SizeAvailable upon request

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