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Extended Life Polyester/ Polypropylene (PEXL/PPXL) Needle Felts

Our Extended Life Polyester (PEXL) Needle Felts and Extended Life Polypropylene (PPXL)needle felts provide superior filtration performance for removing gels, irregular shaped particles in liquid streams with a wide particle size distribution, as well as up to twice the dirt holding capacity utilizing a proprietary fiber blend configuration to create a media that is heavier, thicker and stronger than standard felt media, resulting in an average operational life of 2 to 4 times longer than conventional bags. The result is a dramatically higher dirt holding capacity at the same efficiency and differential pressure.
Bulk Roll Goods: weight, thickness, density, roll width, and roll length are customized at your request.
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Micron rating: 1-200µm

Material: extended life polyester/Polypropylene (PPXL, PEXL) 

A coarse inner layer, graded pore structure, greater depth than standard bags, providing excellent filtration performance for removing gels, irregular shaped particles

Up to twice the dirt holding capacity of a standard filter bag

Increase productivity due to longer, uninterrupted processing/run times 

Reduce operating cost-savings due to fewer filter change-outs and reduced filter element disposal costs due to lower bag consumption, downtime, change-out labor, storage and disposal

The coarse, pre-filtering layer captures a large amount of contaminants without excess surface loading

Surface glazed with no fiber fall, providing higher filtration efficiency and eliminating unwanted fiber migration


MaterialMicron RatingMax. Operating Temperature
Felt, Extended Life Polyester (PEXL)

265/302°F (130/150°C) 
Felt, Extended Life Polypropylene (PPXL)

194/230°F (90/110°C)



Paints and Coatings



Metal Processing

Produced water from gas drilling

Water treatment

Food and Beverage

Custom OEM Applications

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