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Polyester (PE) Needle Felts

Using the finest fiber material on the market and state-of-the-art needling equipment, HL Filter manufactures a full range of needle punched Polyester felt filter media possessing high flow capacity and good retention properties at micron-ratings from 0.5 to 200 µm. Our PE felts are widely used for a variety of industries and sectors.
Bulk Roll Goods: weight, thickness, density, roll width, and roll length are customized at your request.
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Available medias range from 0.5-200 µ

Surface treatments available:  signed and/or glazed to reduce the possibility of migration

Provides good to excellent resistance to chemicals

Good choice for moist heat and subject to hydrolytic degradation under certain circumstances

Good resistance to weak alkalis and moderate resistance to strong alkalis at low temperature.

Not recommend for high concentration of strong alkalis at high temperatures. 

Continuous operating temperature 265oF (130°C)


Standard Needle Felt, Polyester (PE)

Part NumberMicron RatingWeight
oz/yd²±5% (g/m2±5%)
  Thickness Inch±20%  (mm±20%)Air Permeability
 CFM @ ½" W.G 125PA ±25%
(L/dm2min @ 200PA ±25%)
Tensile Strength
 lb/in±25 (N/5CM±25%)
Max. Operating Temperature Continuous/Surge oF (oC)
Warp MDWeft CD
PE-01114.01 (475)0.075 (1.9)32(156)114 (1000)148 (1300)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-05510.62 (360)0.091 (2.3)61(300)57 (500)114 (1000)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-101010.62 (360)0.087 (2.2)82(400)57 (500)103 (900)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-252510.62 (360)0.095 (2.4)123(600)57 (500)103 (900)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-505010.62 (360)0.102 (2.6)164(800)57 (500)103 (900)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-757510.62 (360)0.098 (2.5)184(900)46 (400)91 (800)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-10010010.62 (360)0.114 (2.9)205(1000)46 (400)91 (800)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-15015010.62 (360)0.122 (3.1)266(1300)46 (400)80 (700)265/302 (130/150) 
PE-20020010.62 (360)0.126 (3.2)307(1500)46 (400)74 (650)265/302 (130/150) 
Further technical data, modified surface treatments, and other micron ratings are available on request

Self-supported felts are standard. Scrim-supported felts are available on request






Lubricating Oil

Paints and Coatings

Resins, Adhesives, and Inks

Toiletries and Cosmetics


Food and Beverages


Water treatment 

Custom OEM Applications

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Length and width: customized on request

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