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Polyamide (PI/P84) Dust Filter Bags

Using the finest fiber material possible in the market and high-speed modern needling equipment, we manufacture our own filter media for our dust filter bags guaranteeing the highest quality, reliability, and consistency
A wide range of surface finishes and chemical treatments that aid in the collection and release of the dust from the bags
Ultrasonic welded seam for increased efficiency and reinforced mechanical strength
Our laboratories are equipped with sophisticated testing equipment used to analyze and evaluate all aspects of your process and application
Custom fabricated bag designs to meet the unique needs of your bag house installation
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Media Features

High termperature needle punched felt

Non-flammable and thermostable organic fiber 

Offers extended bag life in low pH applications 

helps reduce differential pressure across the baghouse 

Operates in high temperature applications against acid attacks and is resistant to flex abrasion (unlike Fiberglass). 

Not recommend for high concentration of alkalis at high temperatures. 

Continuous operating temperature 460oF (240°C)


Fiber MaterialsPI-PolyimidePI-PolyimidePI-PolyimidePolyimide + Aramid
ScrimPolyimide scrimFiberglass scrimPTFE ScrimPolyimide scrim
Standard Finish Options
(Special surface treatments available)
Heat Set, Singed, Glazed, PTFE membrane (or PTFE bath)
oz/yd² (g/m2)
14.75-17.70 (500-600)23.60-26.55 (800-900)14.75-17.70 (500-600)550

   Inch (mm)
0.075-0.091 (1.9-2.3)0.098-0.12 (2.5-3)0.075-0.091 (1.9-2.3)(2.3-2.7)
Air Permeability
 CFM@ ½" W.G125PA
 (m³/m².min@200PA )
27-33 (13-16)22-33 (10-16)6-10 (3-5)
  Tensile Strength
 lb/in (N/5CM)
Warp MD 69 (600)205 (1800)69 (600)>900
Weft CD91 (800)205 (1800)91 (800)>1200
Tensile Elongation (%)Warp MD ≤25≤10≤25<35
Weft CD≤45≤10≤45<50
Burst Strength(Mpa/min)2.4-2.552.95-3.22.4-2.552.4-2.55
Thermal Shrinkage (%) at max continuous temp.Warp MD ≤1≤1≤1≤1
Weft CD≤1.5≤1.5≤1.5≤1.5
Max. Operating Temperature  oF (oC)Continuous465 (240)465 (240)465 (240)465 (240)
Surge500 (260)500 (260)500 (260)500 (260)
The data are based on laboratory conditions. 
Testing based on specific operating conditions of each installation is recommended.

Ordering Information

Comprehensive selection of bag sizes:

Diameter: 4 5/8” – 113⁄4”

Length: 12” – 144”

Customized sizes are also available

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