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Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) Dust Filter Bags

Using the finest fiber material possible in the market and high-speed modern needling equipment, we manufacture our own filter media for our dust filter bags guaranteeing the highest quality, reliability, and consistency
A wide range of surface finishes and chemical treatments that aid in the collection and release of the dust from the bags
Ultrasonic welded seam for increased efficiency and reinforced mechanical strength
Our laboratories are equipped with sophisticated testing equipment used to analyze and evaluate all aspects of your process and application
Custom fabricated bag designs to meet the unique needs of your bag house installation
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Media Features

High temperature needle punched felt

Excellent chemical resistance (except for oxidation) 

Ability to operate effectively on applications with O₂ content up to 9%. 

Works well in high moisture content applications and where dew point crossings are common. 

This media is suited for applications where emissions standards are tight.  

Continuous operating temperature 374oF (190°C)


Power Generation

Paper, Pulp & Woodworking 

Cement, Mining & Rock Products 

Asphalt & Aggregate 

Waste Incineration 

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals  

Metals & Foundry 

Food & Beverages 

Custom OEM Applications 

Most commonly used in the applications: coal-fired boilers, incinerators, fluidized bed systems, cement mills, oil and gas firings, 

asphalt plants and pulverized coal injection systems


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